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Have your party at Thorsvang

Palmehaven is one of Thorsvang Collector Museum's function rooms, and there is room for approx. 80 - 90 people, and we offer everything - from sumptuous brunch to delicious dinners. It can also be coffee with homemade cake or lunch buffet for a party - or a bus company [Link] . Hear more on tel. 40 46 91 46.

"Paradise" is an exciting room located at the opposite end of the smithy and camouflaged by about 4,000 to 5,000 beers. The room must be seen, it is indescribable. There can be about 50 people and without bragging it just exudes of coziness and together with a good lunch or the steaming coffee with homemade cake - then it does not get nicer.  

The Warehouse can seat up to 250 people with a stage for music etc. A cozy place that oozes factory atmosphere and crazy ideas.


You can get inspiration for menu suggestions here:

Menu suggestions 

Thorsvangs "pudsige" Brunch

Thorsvangs "snurrige" Brunch

Thorsvangs Lunch buffet

Banquet menus

Hot buffets


When you keep company with us, you just need to come at the same time as your guests. We will probably take care of everything and of course we will arrange the whole event with you to the letter. How should the guests sit, what should the menu contain, do you have songs and table cards, etc. Leave it all to us safely - we take care of the framework and all the practicalities and you and your guests take care of the good atmosphere - then it all ends with a good experience. (Remember to announce the exact number of guests no later than 3 days before the event).

We have created a gallery with a number of the table settings we use in Palmehaven, which may inspire you to your next party. If you have ideas or suggestions for setting up yourself, you finally say yes. You can see the gallery here [gallery]  

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