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Bus companies and larger groups

Do you arrange a visit to Thorsvang as ex. bus company or larger company, please contact Henrik Hjortkær on tel. 40469146 before you order the bus or send out the invitations. Be sure that the day and time is free and agree if necessary. the treatment of Henrik. Thorsvang gives a discount of 10, - pr. ticket for companies over 20 people. In addition, many different menus, lunch, hot food, coffee w / homemade cake and much more can be offered. Click on our menu suggestion and if you have special wishes, it will be agreed with Henrik. Set aside plenty of time for the visit, it's such a shame that visitors do not have time to get through it. At the same time, it should be mentioned that the museum is suitable for walkers, wheelchairs and the disabled. The museum has a wheelchair for free use. For children there is a changing area and there is a disabled toilet.

In the gardens by the allotment garden houses or in the small sheds at the bus stop, it is allowed to consume your brought food and coffee. Of course, we expect guests to clean up after themselves.

Parking is available on the grass area (weather permitting) as well as in front of the museum and there are marked stops for wheelchairs, buses and bicycles.  In Palmehaven there can be approx. 80 - 90 guests incl. scene, in Paradise ca. 50 guests, in Café Tot there can be approx. 25 guests and in the Warehouse there can be approx. 250 people.  




Thorsvangs - popular museum buffet (a real classic)

3 kinds of herring with eggs and tomato. . . 

3 kinds of warm dishes w / sour and sweet. . . 
3 kinds of cold cuts with various salads. . .

3 kinds of cheese w / fruit. . .

Pr. person incl. freshly baked bread, butter and fat. 169

2 tartlets w / chicken in asparagus DKK 55
Shrimp cocktail w / freshly baked bread DKK 65

Chicken salad with bacon, pineapple and freshly baked bread DKK 55

Old-fashioned chicken roast with potatoes, cucumber salad, French fries and sauce DKK 138
Minced meat with soft onions, potatoes, cucumber salad and sauce DKK 138
Fried pork with parsley sauce, potatoes and home-pickled beets DKK 148
Roast pork with potatoes, orange, prunes, homemade red cabbage and cucumber salad,
French fries and of course the good sauce DKK 148
Wienerschnitzel (veal) (200 g) w / peas, mashed potatoes, Wiener boy + sauce DKK 178
Old-fashioned roast beef with potatoes, vegetables, horseradish salad, cranberries,
French fries and the good sauce DKK 178

Strawberry porridge with cream and milk DKK 58
Trifli with prunes, strawberries or rhubarb garnished with whipped cream DKK 58
Lemon cheese w / whipped cream DKK 58

Coffee with homemade cake DKK 65 (you decide the cake / order)

Coffee with layer cake DKK 75

Ex: pretzel, apple pie, chocolate cake and much more.

Thorvang's welcome drink 40

Beer (Grøn Tuborg, Tuborg Classic) 33 cl 30
Thorsvangs soda 3

Organic juice DKK 45
Thorsvang's wine (white, rose or red) (1/1 bottle) 195
Thorsvang's wine (white, rose or red) (glass) 40
Thorsvangs dessert wine (5 cl)
Thorsvangs Snaps (32%) 2 cl 25
Other spirits, cognac, liqueurs, etc. 2 cl 35

Coffee / tea (after lunch / dinner) per. pers. 30

Coffee / tea w / today's home-baked cake per. pers. 65 (you decide the cake / order yourself)

[Get print-friendly version here]

All prices are per. person and is incl. VAT. All prices incl. candles, flowers, napkins, etc.

Contact Henrik on 40 46 91 46 or send an email to

(Final number will be announced no later than 3 days before the event). (We reserve the right to make menu and price changes).

NOTE. we do not receive SMS / Messenger.


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