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Grocer's Shop

The first feature you see when arriving at Thorsvang is the Grocer’s Shop.  After being greeted by our smiling, highly committed volunteers, you’ll be temporarily stunned. The Grocer’s Shop is packed from floor to ceiling with old bibs and bobs. From the moment you enter, your senses will be in overdrive - and nothing is fake. All the old boxes, packages, bags and bottles etc. are filled with authentic contents. Rich’s coffee, cherry brandy, washing powder, you name it - they are all the genuine goods from a bygone age. Sadly, though, none of these products are for sale. On the other hand, you can buy cheeses of all shapes and sizes. Popular hard cheese, slightly tangier, totally addictive cheese, not forgetting vintage cheese to savour with marinated prunes and a wee dram or maybe homemade mustard, raw onion - and not forgetting that dram!

Naturally you can also purchase lots of other exciting products from Møn in the Grocer’s Shop. There’s an abundant selection of honeys with many different flavours, boiled sweets and liquorice from Møn Bolsjer and wonderful beer from Møn Brewery. Thorsvang Classic is a special beer brewed by Møn Brewery for the Museum. You can also buy a variety of organic squashes, ice cream and cut-out dolls etc. And there are all sorts of hand-sewn and hand-knitted items, meticulously created by our volunteer friends. Even Thorsvang’s blacksmiths make a contribution with horse shoes, and in the Smithy you can see lots of other fascinating items from the Smithy’s forge. (NB. The selection of items changes from season to season throughout the year) 

Remember to grab a map of the Museum before setting off in earnest on your trip. It will help you find your way round the entire building, and prevent you from getting lost! Before you get going, check the visiting times for the Bunker. A visit to the Bunker takes just 9 minutes and is not to be missed. It involves a sound and image show about World War II, accompanied by music, song and little anecdotes from Møn. It was all produced by volunteers attached to Thorsvang and, though we say it ourselves, it’s totally unique. 

For children there’s a treasure hunt that automatically sends them off on a journey through the whole Museum. Once the trip is over and done with and they’ve completed the quiz, they can dash back to the Grocer’s Shop. A member of staff will check their answers, and there might just be a little prize. If you’re more into guesswork, ask for a ‘School Quiz’ with assignments dating back to grandma and granddad’s schooldays.

So all that remains is to wish you a great trip around the old businesses, shops and workshops etc. at Thorsvang.

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