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Tartlets with chicken and asparagus or w/ham and peas/carrots
Crab salad with green asparagus, salad and freshly baked bread
Homemade chicken salad with pineapple, bacon and freshly baked bread
Tuna mousse with prawns, egg, tomato, salad and freshly baked bread
Shrimp cocktail w/freshly baked bread

Per person (free choice) DKK 69

Fish dish with crab salad, freshly smoked salmon, garnished with prawns and caviar. Incl. freshly baked bread

Tiger prawns, torpedo prawns, octopus rings w/salad, rice and sweet/sour sauce

Chicken salad; shredded chicken breast on a base of crisp lettuce, pineapple, bacon and mild curry dressing. Incl. freshly baked bread

Per person (free choice) DKK 89


Old-fashioned roast beef with creamed horseradish, lingonberries, homemade cucumber salad, vegetables and glazed pearl onions. To this sauce, white and French potatoes

Roast veal à la venison w/bacon, Waldorf salad, lingonberries, potatoes, vegetables and venison sauce

Rose-roasted beef fillet w/roasted vegetables, raw roasted potatoes and French fries. To this broccoli salad,
béarnaise sauce & demi glas sauce (strong cloud sauce)

Per person (free choice) DKK 189

Pork loin with crispy rind and homemade cucumber salad. To this, "grandmother's salad" or red cabbage (depending on the season), white and French potatoes and brown sauce

Tenderloin steaks in oriental curry sauce with pineapple and roasted pimento. To this, raw-fried potatoes and French fries, raw-fried vegetables and salad with melon, pasta and sun-dried tomatoes

Museum casserole with sirloin steaks, bacon, mushrooms, cocktail sausages and paprika-cream sauce. To this, pickled cucumbers, peas, French fries and wild rice

Per person (free choice) DKK 179


Homemade fruit tart decorated with fresh fruit - refined dessert for e.g. the coffee
Pickled fruits w/raw cream (pineapple, peaches and pears - a real retro dessert)
Prunes strawberry trifle w/whipped cream
Lemon fromage with whipped cream
Fresh fruit salad with raw cream & grated chocolate

Per person (free choice) DKK 69

Thorsvang's banana split
Bulbs Belle Helene
Dessert plate w/chocolate cake, ice cream and light chocolate mousse
Ice cream with chocolate and fruit

Per person (free choice) DKK 79

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All prices are per person and is incl. VAT. Supplement for tablecloths + DKK 10 per person.

Contact Henrik on 40 46 91 46 or send an email to

The final number will be confirmed no later than 3 days before the event. The right to menu and price changes is reserved.

ATTENTION we do not receive SMS/Messenger.

At Thorsvang, we offer good old-fashioned food with a twist of today's trends. Enjoy homemade food prepared with love and from the very best ingredients. On the other hand, we are not world champions in vegetarian and vegan menus. We do our best to allergens and special needs - please make wishes - and we will try to fulfill them.

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