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Thorsvangs "pudsige" Brunch

Marinated herring with red onion and capers

Spiced herring with red onion and capers

To this, smiling eggs w/tomatoes


Brunch sausages with scrambled eggs and crispy bacon

Liver pâté w/mushroom and bacon

Warm meatballs with homemade cucumber salad

Old-fashioned sausage roll and cured sausage with cloud and Italian salad

3 types of jams

3 kinds of delicious cheeses

Cozy pancakes with sugar and jam


Add butter and freshly baked bread.

Coffee, tea, apple and orange juice and tap water.


Brunch buffet total DKK 225 

(Beer, soft drinks, schnapps and bitters are billed separately)

[Get printable version here]

All prices are per person and is incl. VAT. Addition totablecloth + DKK 10 per person.

Contact Henrik on 40 46 91 46 or send an email to

The final number will be confirmed no later than 3 days before the event. The right to menu and price changes is reserved.

ATTENTION we do not receive SMS/Messenger.

At Thorsvang, we offer good old-fashioned food with a twist of today's trends. Enjoy homemade food prepared with love and from the very best ingredients. On the other hand, we are not world champions in vegetarian and vegan menus. We do our best to allergens and special needs - please make wishes - and we will try to fulfill them.

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