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  The association's name, domicile and purpose.


The name of the association is "Friends of Thorsvang".


The association's home is Thorsvangs Allé 7, 4780 Stege.


The purpose of the association is to work for the museum Thorsvang, Møn, with a view to preserving and developing the museum.



Anyone who has paid a membership fee to the association and who agrees with the association's purpose and idea base is a member of the association.

A member who does not respect these articles of association or resolutions passed by the general meeting may be expelled by the board of directors from the association.

An exclusion must be approved by the next general meeting.

General Assembly


The general meeting is the highest authority of the association.


The Annual General Meeting is held once a year, no later than March, and is announced by announcement in local media no later than 14 days before.

The agenda for the annual general meeting must contain at least the following items:


1) Election of conductor

2) The board's report on the association's activities in the past year

3) The audited accounts are submitted for approval

4) Any suggestions

5) Determination of quota

6) Election of board of directors

7) Election of auditor

8) Possibly

Proposals for consideration under item 4 of the agenda must be submitted by signature by a board member no later than 4 weeks before the general meeting is held.


Extraordinary general meetings may be convened by the Board of Directors with fourteen days' notice. The extraordinary general meeting must be held following a request submitted in writing to the board of directors stating the agenda of 25 members no later than four weeks after such a request has been received or following a general meeting resolution or following a board resolution.


All decisions at a general meeting are made by a simple relative majority of votes. Only members with a valid receipt for paid membership can vote at the general meeting.

As a proxy at the general meeting, no one can represent more than one other member.

Minutes shall be taken of the proceedings of the general meeting, which shall be signed by the chairman.



The association is led by a board of 4-7 members, elected for 2 years at a time. At the first annual general meeting after the foundation, 3 board members are up for election. The order is found by drawing lots.

The Board of Directors constitutes itself with a chairman, deputy chairman, treasurer and secretary.

The Board of Directors determines its own rules of procedure and makes the decisions necessary for them

the operation of the association.


The auditor and deputy auditor are elected for 1 year at a time.



The association is bound by the signatures of two board members, one of whom must be the chairman or deputy chairman. 3
When buying, mortgaging or selling real estate, however, the signature of the entire board of directors is required.

Proxies can be notified to individuals.



The association is only liable for its obligations with the assets belonging to the association at any given time. The association's members or the board are not personally liable.

Financial year.


The association's financial year is from 1 January to 31 December. At each year's annual general meeting, next year's membership fee is determined by the general meeting.

Auditing takes place once a year after the end of the financial year.

Accounts and status must be provided with an audit certificate by the association's auditor.

Amendments to the articles of association and the dissolution of the association


Amendment of these articles of association or decision on the dissolution of the association requires that 2/3 of the association's members vote in favor. If 2/3 of the association's members are not present but the proposal is adopted, the board must convene a new general meeting, which can be held no earlier than 4 weeks later.

The call must state the proposal. At the new general meeting, the amendment to the articles of association can be adopted by 2/3 of the votes of the representatives.

Upon the association's dissolution, the association's net assets shall be distributed to non - profit purposes, which is a natural extension of the association's purpose, but which is decided at the dissolving general meeting.

Thus adopted at the inaugural general meeting on October 22, 2012.

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