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Friends of Thorsvang

Thorsvangs Venner is a friends association, which was founded on October 22, 2012 and which today has well over 500 members. When the founder of Thorsvang - Danmarks Samlermuseum, Henrik Hjortkær, had given birth to the idea for the museum in 2011/12, he sparked the mood among Møn's local citizens and convened an information meeting about his thoughts. The first meeting was attended by over 100 people, well over the 24 chairs that Henrik and his wife had put forward. The interest was huge and when the association was founded on October 22, 2012, the number of participants was again well over 100 people. The Friends' Association was a reality and immediately a large number of members began with the establishment of all the small shops and workshops. There was painting, hammering, sawing, etc. for the big gold medal. A huge amount of work and wear and tear which resulted in a fantastic result and at the same time a great social gain. Local citizens from near and far have since and today their regular walk at Thorsvang. As the Mayor of Vordingborg Municipality puts it; "Thorsvang is the municipality's largest SFO for adults", and that is not a lie. This large crowd of committed volunteers puts their soul and leisure into Thorsvang - it is simply formidable.  

A membership of Thorsvangs Venner costs 100, - per year and for this amount you get free admission to the museum all year round. If you want to be active, in one way or another, then just announce your arrival. The best thing is to get out there and grab the first the best. Then he will organize that you get in the right hands and get on your right shelf. If you want to participate as a guide, you would rather be a craftsman and participate in renovation work, etc. or do you have completely different competencies that you want to offer; it can e.g. be translating texts into English / German, preparing material for visiting school children or completely different things. Once a quarter, all active people meet for a joint meeting and dining, where there may also be a lecturer who sings el. lign. Companionship in the best way, spiced with a little good for the palate. The Friends Association holds some trips for active members to e.g. other museums and participates in the organization of e.g. the Christmas market and more. A very active association in all areas and although it is completely unnecessary to mention, Thorsvang's birthday and Christmas are of course celebrated with the bang of a few parties.

If you want to be a member, click here and fill out the form. Your membership card will subsequently be placed at Thorsvang in Købmandsbutikken, so when you come next time - you just ask for your membership card. A personal membership costs DKK 100 and for a company DKK 250.

Bente sends a couple of news emails a year and information for all active people takes place at Thorsvang.

If you have any questions, you are very welcome to contact the board - they are on hand to give you the right message.

Personal data policy: You can read our entire data protection policy for Thorsvang's Friends  [here]                      

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