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Tivoli Thorsvang

On 17 July 2017, Thorsvang - Danmarks Samlermuseum will be 4 years old and it will be celebrated. Last year, Tivoli Thorsvang became a fact when the aerial swings and the carousel began to spin around. This year, the amusement park has been expanded with a Ferris wheel - by approx. 90 years on the bag. The Ferris wheel is the only one left in the Nordic countries and the active volunteers at Thorsvang have during the winter repaired all parts of the Ferris wheel. Everything has been disassembled, renewed, painted and reassembled. The rides have just been approved for use - so there are big smiles among all those active at Thorsvang - now it must be in serious use for all children and childish souls. For the little ones, a tour pass can be acquired for a super birthday offer for only DKK 30, - and it includes a ride in the air swings, in the Ferris wheel and in the carousel. "I wonder if a package can also be snatched in the fish pond and I wonder if there is also warm popcorn" - says Henrik Hjortkær.

The Ferris wheel originates from Germany - built on Botha, a factory in Thuringia - probably around 1926 to 1930, so the Ferris wheel is approx. 90 years old and is one of the last three Ferris wheels in Europe. 

In the 1960s and 1970s, the Ferris wheel has toured with Pallis Tivoli, one of the largest tivoli at this time. Since then, the Ferris wheel has spun in various places and in several amusement parks; Vindinge Zoo, Ronald Festival Tivoli (brother-in-law of Peter Belli and brother of June) now part of Hedeland, North Zealand Summer Park and i.a. Møllers Tivoli in Trelleborg. Around the year 2000, Søren Østergaard buys the Ferris wheel, where it i.a. could be seen at the Christmas market in Aarhus. At this point, Søren Østergaard gets really busy with Circus Nemo and has to let the Ferris wheel lie dormant for a few years in the Luna park on Funen, by Ringe. Søren Østergaard realizes that he cannot handle the Ferris wheel, as Circus Nemo takes all his time and attention. Tommy, from Tommyś Tivoli show - Nostalgia Tivoli - is persuaded in 2006 to take over the Ferris wheel and after a loving hand, the Ferris wheel is set up in 2007 at Græsted Veterantræf. After this, the Ferris wheel is part of Tommy's Tivoli and tours around Denmark and has, among other things. had royal butts in the gondolas, contributed as the main attraction to Viborg's 1000th anniversary and in 2012 the Ferris wheel was set up for the Christmas market on Nytorv in Copenhagen. 

Søren Østergaard misses his wheel and has secret dreams about its future and buys the Ferris wheel back again. Søren has Christmas lights in his eyes, but Circus Nemo is getting bigger and bigger  greater success and Søren Østergaard must agree to be a full-time Circus director and once again he must say goodbye to the Ferris wheel. The Ferris wheel is close to being sold to a brewery in Munich, but is rescued at the last minute by Thorsvang. Thorsvang - The Danish Collector's Museum takes over the Ferris wheel and after a thorough renovation, carried out by the active volunteers at Thorsvang, it is now on Thorsvang and is ready to swing the gondolas with children and childish souls. Thorsvang Tivoli also houses an old air swing and carousel. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday (from 17/7) it is open in Thorsvang Tivoli from kl. ca. 11-15.

Happy reunion and big funfair greeting from Thorsvang - Danish Collectors' Museum.

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