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About Thorsvang

The background of the project

Henrik Hjortkær has collected old things throughout his life. This today includes a completely unique collection of old things and cases. For many years, work has been done to create a place where this collection can be displayed to everyone in a flourishing and vibrant way. When one of the local area's absolute last old factory buildings (Tørmælksfabrikken in Lendemark) became available, it was clear that this place would be the completely unique setting for the Danish Collector's Museum.

Henrik Hjortkær received help from the Initiative Group for Construction and the Environment (Møns Bank A / S) and the chairman of Møn-Sydsjællands Turistforening and a fund was established:


Fonden Danmarks Samlermuseum  

Thorsvangs Allé 7  

4780 Stege

cvr. No. 34 40 68 47

Fonden Danmarks Samlermuseum has been handed over the property for DKK 1 by Vordingborg Municipality. Reconstruction and establishment of the museum takes place in the Danish Collectors' Museum's Foundation and the articles of association state that the foundation's funds can never go back to the founders, but must in the event of dissolution of the foundation go to cultural or tourist conditions on Møn.

The board of Fonden Danmarks Samlermuseum consists of: chairman Nils Natorp (Director of Geocenter Møns Klint and chairman of Møn - Sydsjælland Turistforening), former Bank Director of Møns Bank Hans K. Olsen, registered auditor Bente Bille and a representative from Vordingborg Municipality.

We have collected some pictures from the construction and creation of Thorsvang Samlermuseum, which we think you  might find interesting. See the gallery  here: [Structure and creation]


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