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Banquet menus

1.  Tartlets with chicken and asparagus el. w / ham and green peas 
2.  Italian air-dried bacon with melon and wholemeal bread 
3.  Homemade chicken salad with pineapple and bacon and freshly baked bread 
4.  Shrimp cocktail w / freshly baked bread
Pr. person (free choice)  DKK 59

5.  Fishing dish with cod, freshly smoked salmon, garnished with shrimp and caviar.
Incl. freshly baked bread
6. Chicken salad; fried chicken breast on base of crispy salad, pineapple, bacon and mild curry dressing. Incl. freshly baked bread

Pr. person (free choice)  DKK 79

7.  Tapas plate: Homemade shrimp salad with caviar, tiger prawns with green asparagus, au gratin mussel with garlic and parsley. For this freshly baked bread

8.  Tapas plate: Tiger prawns on a base of phyllo dough and crispy salad, salmon mousse with toasted rye bread on top and king prawns. Incl. freshly baked bread, sweet chili dressing and delicate sour cream dressing. For this freshly baked bread
Pr. person (free choice)  DKK 89
Pink roast beef fillet with raw fried vegetables 
Roast pork with crispy crust w / homemade cucumber salad
Old-fashioned roast beef with glazed onions, cranberries and cream horseradish
Tenderloin steaks in oriental curry sauce with pineapple and roasted allspice
Roasted pork tenderloin with sauteed cherry tomatoes and mushrooms
Roasted pork tenderloin stuffed with dried apricots and nuts
Spicy marinated neck fillet w / homemade cucumber salad
Chicken breast in oriental curry sauce

Bearnaise sauce
Demi Glace Sauce
Mushroom sauce
"Old-fashioned brown sauce"
Garlic butter el. spice butter

Raw fried potatoes
French fries
Homemade cold potato salad
Baked potato
Cream potatoes
Baked mashed potatoes with herbs
White potatoes (seasonal)

Red cabbage salad with orange and nuts
Salad with wild rice, beans and lemon
Salad with melon, pasta and sun-dried tomatoes
Cauliflower salad with salted almonds and feta
Broccoli salad with bacon and seeds

Incl. dressings

Pr. person (free choice 2 x meat + 2 x sauce + 2 x salad + 2 x potatoes)  DKK 179

Pr. person (free choice 3 x meat + 2 x sauce + 2 x salad + 2 x potatoes)  DKK 209

Homemade fruit pie garnished with fresh fruit - refined dessert for ex. the coffee
Nut basket with raspberry mousse
Dessert plate w / chocolate cake, homemade ice cream and white chocolate mousse
Homemade ice cream w / chocolate, garnished with whipped cream and berries
Pancakes with ice cream and jam
Fresh fruit salad with Thorsvang's raw cream 
Cheese dish w / fresh fruit
Chocolate mousse (white chocolate and dark chocolate) w / topping off
fruit, crunch and whipped cream
Prune el. strawberry truffle with whipped cream
Lemon cheese w / whipped cream
Pr. person (free choice)  DKK 59


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All prices are per. person and is incl. VAT. All prices incl. candles, flowers, napkins

etc. Supplement for tablecloths + DKK 10, - pr. person.Contact Henrik on 40 46 91 46

or send an email to

(Final number will be announced no later than 3 days before the event).

(We reserve the right to make menu and price changes).

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