Thorsvang – Discover the Wonderful World of Yesteryear

Visit Thorsvang and experience the good old days. Here you can discover the world as it used to be. Take a walk through the old shops and workshops bulging with all manner of things from the golden days when your granddad was a boy. 


- One entire collection of several fascinating collections
Discover fairground chair-o-planes from a bygone era. Or burrow into an air-raid shelter from the war.


The collections are managed by enthusiasts who help maintain and further develop the Thorsvang Collectors Museum for the pleasure of curious people of all ages.


Thorsvang Samlermuseum

Thorsvangs Allé 7

4780 Stege

Mobil: 40 46 91 46 (Henrik Hjortkær)

Tel: 64 68 70 76 (for åbningstider mv.)

Mail: mail@thorsvangsamlermuseum.dk