Coach parties and large groups

If you are organising a visit to Thorsvang in the form of a coach party or large group, please call Henrik Hjortkær on (+45) 40469146 prior to booking the coach or sending the invitations. Confirm that the day and the time are available and organise any catering with Henrik. Thorsvang gives a DKK 10 reduction off the price of a ticket for groups of 20 and over. We can also provide a variety of menus: lunch, hot food, coffee and homemade cake - you name it. Click on our Menu Suggestions and, if you have any special requirements, you can discuss them with Henrik. Allow yourself plenty of time for your visit. It is a shame if visitors don’t get to see everything. It should also be said that the Museum is geared to zimmer frames, wheelchairs and guests with impaired mobility. The Museum has a wheelchair available for guests. For children there’s a changing station, and we have a handicap toilet.

In the grounds next to the allotment shacks or in the small shelters near the coach car park, you can eat your own packed lunches and drink your coffee. Of course, we expect visitors to tidy up after themselves.

Parking is available on the grassy area (if the weather allows) and in front of the Museum, and there are designated parking places for handicap cars, coaches and bicycles. The Palm Garden can seat approx. 100 guests, incl. the stage; Paradise can seat approx. 50 guests; and Café Tot approx. 25 guests



3 types of herring with egg and tomato

3 types of warm dishes with sweets and pickles

3 types of cold cut with a variety of salads

 3 types of cheese with fruit

Freshly baked bread, butter and lard

Pris kr.155




2 vol-au-vents with chicken and asparagus DKK 45

2 vol-au-vents with green peas and ham DKK 45

Prawn cocktail DKK 55

Chicken salad with bacon DKK 55


Roast pork with potatoes, homemade pickled red cabbage and cucumber salad, not forgetting a great gravy DKK 135

Pork patties with stewed white cabbage and potatoes DKK 125

Meat balls with mushy green peas and potatoes DKK 125

Meatloaf with browned potatoes, white potatoes, red cabbage and gravy DKK 125

Fried pork with parsley sauce, potatoes and homemade beetroot DKK 125

Traditional roast chicken with potatoes, cucumber salad and gravy DKK 125

Minced beefsteak with sautéed onions, potatoes, cucumber salad and gravy DKK 125

Wienerschnitzel (veal) (200 g) with peas, fried potatoes, wienerdreng (a concoction of lemon, anchovy, capers & horseradish) + gravy DKK 165

Traditional roast beef with potatoes, vegetables, horseradish salad, cranberries and a great gravy DKK 165


Strawberry compote with cream and milk DKK 40

Trifle with prunes, strawberries or rhubarb topped with whipped cream DKK 45

Lemon mousse with whipped cream DKK 45

Coffee with homemade cake DKK 60


Welcome drink with nibbles DKK 32

Beer (33 cl) DKK 30

Soft drinks (25 cl) DKK 20

House wine (white, rosé or red) (by the glass DKK 32) (1 bottle DKK 170)

Dessert wine (5 cl) DKK 25

Thorsvang Schnapps (2 cl) DKK 20

Other schnapps (2 cl) DKK 25

Liqueur (2 cl) DKK 25

Cognac (2 cl) DKK 25

Coffee/tea (after lunch/dinner) DKK 22 per head

Coffee/tea with cake of the day DKK 60 per head

Coffee/tea with cheese and biscuits DKK 60 per head

Petit fours (per head) DKK 25

All prices are per head and include VAT. All prices include candles, flowers, napkins etc.

Call Henrik on (+45) 40 46 91 46 or email him at

(Please send the final guest count no later than 3 days prior to the event)

(We reserve the right to make changes to prices and menus)

NB. We do not take text messages.